Recipe of the Week: Pea and Lemon Mash on Toast – A Sustainable Avocado Toast Alternative

By William Angus

18th March 2022

(More sustainable alternatives to popular recipes are becoming more relevant. Photograph: William Angus)

Say goodbye to avocado toast with this sustainable alternative that gives a fresh new brightness to the good old British pea.

Ingredients (1 large serving)

130g Frozen petit pois peas

200ml Water

25ml Standard olive oil

1 Garlic clove – Sliced

1/2 A lemon juiced

1/2 Lemon rind

A handful of parsley

A handful of chives

1 teaspoon arbol chilli flakes

25ml Extra virgin olive oil plus extra for dressing

Freshly ground black pepper

Pinch of salt

2 Slices stable bread such as homemade loaf or ciabatta

Dressing of choice

2 Dessert spoons of natural low fat yoghurt

A pinch of Black pepper

A pinch of arbol chilli flakes

Video Guide – Click Here!


  1. Weigh out 130g of frozen peas. Put your water, standard olive oil and salt in a saucepan and bring to a boil.
  1. Peel and slice one clove of garlic.
  1. Add peas and garlic to boiling water and cook for 2 mins until tender but fresh, turning off the heat with the lid on to trap steam.
  1. While the peas are cooking, finely chop your parsley and chives. Reserve the parsley stems for adding to the pea mixture.
(The size you chop is the size you are going to eat! Photograph: William Angus)

5. Drain the peas while reserving the cooking liquid.

(This liquid will help bind the mixture together and make it more smooth. Photograph: William Angus)

6. Add pea mixture and parsley stems to a food processor, and pulse until a thick, coarse mixture forms.

(How far and how processed you like it is also up to you. Photograph: William Angus)

7. Add pea mixture, herbs, lemon juice, lemon rind, extra virgin olive oil, chilli flakes and mix together in a bowl, slowly adding the cooking mixture until you get a spreadable consistency. (For those who prefer a slightly sweeter finish, consider adding honey or sugar at this stage).

8. Toast bread and drizzle with more olive oil, before assembling with the pea mixture and any toppings you desire. Enjoy!

(Produces 1 large portion. Recipe can however be scaled up to feed however many. Photograph: William Angus)

View the video recipe here –


Smashed pea on toast – A more sustainable avocado toast alternative. @ratfilterfan123 for Rising Clyde!

♬ original sound – Rising Clyde
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