Extinction Rebellion Protest: In Photos

By Niall Houston

13th March 2022

A collection of photos from Extinction Rebellion’s protest in central London to end fossil fuels.

(A symbolic move as everyone raises hands to pledge their support to stop fossil fuels. Photograph: Niall Houston)
(The front of the march proclaiming they will not be passive. Many of them chanted all the way through central London. Photograph: Niall Houston)
(Protesters blocked roads by standing in front of junctions and holding up signs. They were subject to a lot of horns honking and shouts of abuse, but that did not seem to affect them. Photograph: Niall Houston)
(There were many creative signs on show around the march. Photograph: Niall Houston)
(Police could only watch on as thousands of protesters marched. Photograph: Niall Houston)
(It was not only human beings who took part in the march. The climate crisis affects every living thing. Photograph: Niall Houston)
(Many of the protesters had children with them in a show of how the climate crisis will affect the young one’s future. Either that, or they could not get any childcare on the day. Photograph: Niall Houston)
(David Mckelvie, a GP from Manchester took to the streets because he believed a climate crisis is a health crisis. Photograph: Niall Houston)
(There were a large collection of health workers at the march. Photograph: Niall Houston)
(The protesters sat down at Oxford circus and refused to move. Photograph: Niall Houston)

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