Climate change protestors block Clydebank oil terminal

By Stefan Carlin

3rd May 2022

(Picture from @ JustStop_Oil on Twitter)

Campaign group Just Stop Oil caused chaos on Tuesday with early morning blockade.

The group put up a human blockade at the Nuster Terminal at around 4am this morning.

The oil terminal is located just outside of Glasgow, in the west of the city, in Clydebank.

Other demonstrators have entered the oil terminal with 12 sitting on pipes and three on the silos to halt operations.

The group says the action is part of its demand that the UK Government ends new oil and gas projects in the country.

The group has been carrying out a campaign of action to disrupt the UK’s oil supply since April 1st, but this is the first demonstration of its kind in Scotland.

Police Scotland confirmed via Twitter that they were in attendance having been called out just after 4am.

The group says the action comes against the backdrop of the Government’s recent energy strategy, which it claims “failed” to outline how it will ensure no-one is left behind in the coming transition to a zero-carbon economy, and failed to provide a route to widespread insulation which would protect the people of Scotland from the misery of cold homes in the face of ever increasing fossil fuel costs.

The Co-Leader of the Scottish Green Party, Patrick Harvie said: “The action is necessary, as long as it does not turn violent.

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