75th Cannes Film Festival to come with a Special Look at Climate Change

By Hanieh Khakpour

6th May 2022


The Cannes Film Festival has revealed a themed poster to emphasise the importance of nature in combating climate change’s destructive impacts.

The official poster for the 75th Cannes Film Festival has been released. The poster depicts a scene from The Truman Show in which Jim Carry (Truman) is touching a pale blue sky of clouds as he ascends a stairway, with a large white “75” added to the mix.

Silke Schmidt, the artist and illustrator, explained her opinion about this poster to Rising Clyde and said, “What I like about the poster is its immediate reference to the 1.5°C aim. Earth mustn’t get warmer than that to stay intact. The man is gently touching the number (which of course, can also be read as 75) and is continuing his walk up the ladder.”

The authorities have preserved the Open Sky in this year’s official poster, representing the “Importance of Nature,” due to the global climate crisis, humanitarian tragedy, and many other problems.

“I like the heavenly motif which at the same time has this dark climate crisis reference,” Schmidt added.

In its notes, the festival said, “Just as the unforgettable Truman embodied by the one-and-only Jim Carrey whose fingers brush his horizon, the Festival de Cannes takes the extreme nature of the world in its stride in order to grasp it again. The climate crisis, humanitarian disasters, and armed conflicts. the reasons for concerns are numerous.” 


Cannes film festival, as one of the authentic cinematic events has often shown its concerns about climate change, and now the poster of the 75th clearly mentions climate change.

In 2021, and the 74th edition, authorities of the festival took a series of measures to reduce its carbon footprint given protecting the environment, as well as launched a new mini-section of “Cinema for the Climate” which is dealing with issues such as climate change and the collapse of biodiversity.

Thierry Fremaux, Cannes festival director, announced that dedicating a section to environmental questions and announcing measures to adapt the festival to contemporary concerns has been done “to provoke an awakening”. Furthermore, Cannes Festival in the 74th edition closed with a film focusing on environmental issues, which had a strong message.

The 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival will be screened from May 17 through 28.

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