“Art Making For Earthly Survival” Exhibition in Glasgow calls for Sustainable Art

By Aditya Soyanke

An exhibition was conducted at the Reid Building of the Glasgow School of Arts(GSA), showcasing the art made by people who participated in the “Art-Making for Earthly Survival” workshops.

Image of the Artwork at the exhibition: Aditya Soyanke

The exhibition and the workshops are all a part of the “Close of Play: Climate Emergency and Creative Action” series and was curated by Rachy McEwan. It took place on two consecutive days, namely on the 28th and the 29th of April 2022, and started at 10 in the morning to 4:30 pm on both days. People interested in visiting the exhibition could buy the tickets online through eventbrite.com. The series was supported by the Box Hub, GSA Sustainability and the GSA Exhibitions.

Image of the Artwork at the exhibition: Aditya Soyanke

New creative work was shared through this event, and it encouraged the people to come view the novel ways in which art can flourish while being kind to the planet. It also aimed to encourage the people attending the exhibition to reflect on their own approach to arts and be creative when it comes to producing their own work while keeping it environment friendly. 

The workshops that led to this exhibition included book-making, identifying various Lichens and trees, inspiring people through a guided walk in The Botanics, etc. another motive behind these workshops and exhibitions is to encourage the people to come up with solutions for the future and inspire many more to let art prosper in a more sustainable manner. These workshops were led by Vita Lerche, Rachy McEwan, Emma Lawrance and Raya Gray in April.

Image of the Artwork at the exhibition: Aditya Soyanke

The need for such events has been addressed and Robert McCormack will conduct future workshops on the 8th of May 2022 which involves group drawing. We look forward to the amazing artworks that come out of other workshops and exhibits from this year-long series.

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