About Us

Rising Clyde was founded in January 2022, with a vision to ignite the attitudes of an impassioned young climate-focussed audience underrepresented by the media of today. The launch is on February the 25th 2022 during an in-person event with supplementary live streaming online for those unable to attend.

Who are we?

Rising Clyde is a Glasgow-based digital publication made for young people who are passionate about the climate emergency. A platform which brings together news, stories and voices from under an eco-lens, offering climate journalism through every vertical.

We want a brighter future for our natural world by informing, inspiring and engaging young people to make change possible. Because the future of our planet matters.

Why now?

The climate emergency is a problem we all must face. Therefore, we asked ourselves a question: are news organisations and the media going far enough to help tackle it?

What COP26 showed the world, is a demand for more action to be taken concerning the climate emergency. It showed inspiring young people at the forefront of marches and demonstrations, demanding those in power to take more immediate action. Recently, we have seen the climate debate pushed back to the recesses of mainstream news, with organisations opting instead to give its front-page news to party politics, rather than the crisis facing the planet. Climate change has again become a topic of news – a vertical alongside sports, politics and science. Yet the climate debate must be a part of every vertical.

Who do we benefit?

We actively benefit young people by informing and engaging with them concerning climate news. We want the climate to be at the forefront of every topical conversation.

We may also benefit businesses and organisations, such as restaurants and charities around Glasgow , who are actively trying help save the environment through things such as activism, eco-friendly products.

Our website will be updated regularly with the latest news, stories, features and multimedia content so be sure to come back for tailored content to you.

Meet the Team

Niall Houston

Niall is the Co-Editor at the publication and an article writer. He has an MA in English with Creative Writing at undergraduate level. Niall served a 3 month internship with Newsdirect, where he was a news reporter and political monitor. He is also a columnist for 4 years at his local community magazine, Lochs News. Hobbies include football, writing and squash. Surf enthusiast! 

William Angus

Will is the Co-Editor of Rising Clyde.

He is a Politics and International Relations Graduate from Strathclyde. He enjoys producing a variety of multimedia content, especially videos. He also manages the website to keep everything running smoothly. In his spare time, Will enjoys cooking and eating. Mainly eating.

Andy MacKay

Andy is a Deputy Editor and Writer for the publication and holds a BA in French from the University of Stirling, as well as a CELTA for Teaching English as a Second Language. He’s previously worked as a football journalist and Video Game Developer on FIFA 19 & 20 at EA Sports in Canada.

Cameron Macpherson

Cameron is a Deputy Editor and part of the multimedia team, hosting the podcast and contributing video content. His undergraduate degree was in social sciences, however he has a passion for writing and telling engaging and important stories. There are currently no more important stories than the climate emergency facing us all.

Olivia Adam

Olivia is part of the branding and sub-editing team. Her undergraduate degree is in law but she has always been passionate about writing and current affairs. She is excited to be a member of a youth led publication dedicated to the climate crisis!

Daniel Connolly

Daniel is a part of the social media and business planning teams. Previously, He has undertaken a joint honours in maths, stats and accounting but has always expressed an interest in more creative endeavours. He is delighted to be part of this team and excited to be a part of a change in our community.

Robyn McAvoy

Robyn is part of the multimedia team. Her undergraduate degree was in English Literature, and during her time studying she took various modules in Sustainable Development which peaked her interest in all things sustainable. She has always had a passion for writing and is excited to be part of the Rising Clyde publication.

Tobias Hudson

Toby is a writer and journalist from Sheffield, producing both written and video content for Rising Clyde. His psychological background allows him to tackle stories from a deeply human perspective, ensuring the needs of the public and the Earth are always aligned.

Stefan Carlin

As well as one of the multimedia producers, He has multiple years of experience in the industry including broadcast production and in an editorial role!

Callum Barraclough

Callum is a Writer and Website Designer for Rising Clyde, having previously studied BSc Computing (Hons) at Glasgow Strathclyde University. He likes writing about technology along with its affect on the climate, believing a climate focused publication can help inform and motivate people to change how we tackle climate change.

Luis Teschner

Originally from Germany, Luis writes about travel, movies and TV, as well as the intersection of climate action and feminism.

Hanieh Khakpour

Hanieh is an Iranian writer for Rising Clyde and part of the multimedia team. Both her undergraduate and the first post-graduate were in Communication-Journalism in Iran. She used to work at Persian and English publications in various fields for years. “As climate change is a without-border issue, I am delighted to be a member of a young-led media.”

Aditya Soyanke

Aditya is a writer at Rising Clyde and is a part of the business plan and social media teams. He has completed his undergrad in mass communications from India. He believes that climate awareness is just as important as human rights along with solving other major issues. His main interests are writing features, reviews and content creation.

Katy Mcdougall

Katy is part of the Branding team and Multimedia team for Rising Clyde, having studied BA photography (Hons) at Edinburgh Napier she is well versed in how to communicate stories accurately and creatively through the use of video and still image. Katy is also keen to see younger people become more involved and knowledgeable about climate change and takes a particular interest in green developments and projects in her home county, Fife.

Aidan Maxwell

Aidan is part of the sub-editing and multimedia team. His undergraduate degree was in Scottish & Comparative Literature, and during his time at Glasgow University he was heavily involved in the GUST team, Glasgow Universities student run television station. He believes that climate change is a an important topic to research and write about, as we need to change the tone of climate writing from a dystopian warning into a helpful, positive, and forward thinking message that is accessible to everyone.