Top 3 lush green outings in Glasgow

By Aditya Soyanke “People make Glasgow Greener” – this tagline by the city council of the city of Glasgow speaks for the cities interest in maintaining its parks and gardens. Spring is here and the best way to enjoy the fleeting warmth we get is to go outdoors and bask in sunlight. What better way to enjoy the weather than to visit the lush greens of the city. Glasgow is famous for the balance of modern architecture and the environment conscious green spaces maintained throughout the town. There are a number of famous parks around the city for a lazy stroll … Continue reading Top 3 lush green outings in Glasgow

How to Build your Capsule Wardrobe

By Olivia Adam Today’s unforgiving whirlwind of weekly microtrends makes staying true to your personal style difficult. Building your own classic capsule wardrobe is a sustainable and ethical way to battle the winds of fast fashion. What is a ‘capsule wardrobe’? It is a minimal and succinct selection of clothes and accessories carefully handpicked to stand the test of time. Essentially, you are looking for quality over quantity.  You may opt to buy a few seasonal trendy items throughout the year but ideally, your capsule wardrobe should be between twenty and thirty pieces. They should be adaptable items that are … Continue reading How to Build your Capsule Wardrobe

Dumbarton Road is Glasgow’s Hotspot for Sustainable Shopping 

By Olivia Adam 30th April 2022 I took a walk along Dumbarton Road, situated in Partick, the West End of Glasgow, to check out the 11 charity shops dotted along the 10.5-mile-long road. Why choose charity shopping? The thing about fast fashion is exactly that; it’s quick and easy. But it’s killing the planet. According to, it produces more Co2 than aviation and shipping combined and produces more than 20 percent of global wastewater from textile dyeing.  So, with that in mind, charity shopping is even more appealing. It’s ethical, sustainable, and cheaper. What’s not to like? The thing … Continue reading Dumbarton Road is Glasgow’s Hotspot for Sustainable Shopping