SWG3 to Use Human Body Heat Technology for a More Sustainable Power System

By Niall Houston

(SWG3 is one of Glasgow’s busiest venues. Photograph: Niall Houston)

Glasgow’s SWG3 was awarded £170,000 in January 2022 by the Scottish Government to invest in recyclable body heat pumps in a new scheme to slash carbon emissions.

Eight green infrastructure projects, funded through the Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme, has been announced by the Scottish Government. 

Each of the projects will share a total of £8.7 million in funding. SWG3 has been awarded a share of £170,000. Other organisations such as Edinburgh airport and Renfrewshire Council will also share a proportion of funding.

The money will be invested into Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps to provide heating and cooling to the SWG3 Arts Centre, utilising heat recovered from cooling event spaces.

SWG3 will use human body heat generated by the movement of attendees and clubbers on the dancefloor, which will produce heat and energy. 

The heat will be captured through air collectors in SWG3’s ceilings and sent to ground-coupled heat pumps, which capture and store the waste heat. SWG3 is the first nightclub in the world to use body heat technology and will begin using by spring 2022. Andrew Fleming-Brown, managing director at SWG3, said: 

“The pilot system at SWG3 will allow for vast data to be collected, which will help us understand and optimise the system’s efficacy with learnings that can be applied to systems in the future.” 

Leader of The Scottish Greens and Zero Carbon Buildings Minister, Patrick Harvie MSP, said: 

“We are continuing to engage with other exciting projects regarding funding opportunities and will soon announce plans for a successor to the LCITP which will provide significant investment in large-scale heat projects and heat networks.”

This is  part of SWG3’s plan to become completely carbon neutral by 2050. 

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