RECAP: Extinction Rebellion Gather in London

By William Angus

9th April 2022

WATCH: Video Recap of the Day as it unfolded –

BROWSE: Some of the many photos taken during the day spent covering the march –

RECAP: Read the live blog post of the day here in full below

Keep updated with this live blog throughout the day as we bring you updates from around the city as Extinction Rebellion begin to assemble their protest.

9.25am – Protestors are starting to gather in Speakers Corner in Hyde Park.

(Photograph: William Angus)

10am – Audiences gather demanding climate action from the government.

10.30am – First speaker reinforces the need for immediate direct climate action, encouraging attendees to take to the streets.

11am – speakers finish and calls for direct action start. Training provided and attendees told to disperse into London.

(Photograph: William Angus)

11.23am – Groups are formed between protestors and police presence begins to grow.

(Photograph: William Angus)

12.21pm – March is assembled beside Speakers Corner in Hyde Park.

(Photograph: William Angus)

12.30pm – The sound of drums rings out through Hyde Park as the march ramps up.

(Photograph: William Angus)

12.36pm – Protestors from all groups unify the movement by raising their hands in support of climate action.

(Photograph: William Angus)

12.50pm – Extinction Rebellion march begins, moving north towards the Marble Arch.

(Photograph: William Angus)

1.04pm – The first roads are blocked, leaving traffic building as the protest moves through the city centre.

(Photograph: William Angus)

1.09pm – The protest moves down Oxford Street under drum beat and chanting. Continuing road disruption.

(Photograph: William Angus)

1.29pm – Police left helpless as protest continues. The main procession has moved onwards to Bond Street Subway station.

(Photograph: Niall Houston)

1.40pm – David Mckelvie, GP from Manchester: ‘I’m here today because the climate crisis is a health crisis. We’ve got a massive problem facing us.’

(Photograph: William Angus)

1.53pm – Police presence building further down Oxford Street ahead of the march.

(Photograph: William Angus)

2.05pm – Protestors arrive, stopping and sitting on the Oxford Circus junction.

(Photograph: Twitter)

3.05pm – Protestors continue their sitting protest at Oxford Circus, with more police arriving to contain the gathering and secure the area.

(Photograph: William Angus)

5pm – Protestors spread throughout the city, with many gathering in Trafalgar Square blocking the roundabout there. Protestors intend on blocking the roads until well into the evening.

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